15 Natural Ways To Control High Blood Pressure

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you may be concerned about taking medication to lower your levels.

Lifestyle plays an important role in controlling high blood pressure. By successfully managing your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid, delay, or reduce the need for medication.

1.14 Natural Ways To Control High Blood pressure

There are usually no signs or symptoms of high blood pressure, even when blood pressure is dangerously high. Therefore, it is important that your doctor regularly monitor your blood pressure. After considering other factors that may influence the link to high blood pressure, such as age, race, and family history of high blood pressure, here are 14 things you should do to lower your Hypertension .

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2. Lose Weight

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Regular exercises, even as simple as walking, appears to be as effective in lowering blood pressure as commonly used blood pressure medications. Exercise strengthens the heart and allows it to pump blood more efficiently. It’s a good idea to aim for 30 minutes of cardio on most days. Even a small weight loss can help lower BP.


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Stress causes our body to release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones can raise your BP by increasing your heart rate and constricting your blood vessels. Breathing exercises and practices like meditation, yoga, and tai chi, on the other hand, can help regulate stress hormones and blood pressure. Starting with five minutes of relaxed breathing or mindfulness in the morning and five minutes at night is a good starting point.

4.Potassium Rich Food

Potassium Rich food - Healthy Algorithm

Although we all know the potassium content of bananas, foods like potatoes, spinach, and beans actually contain more potassium than fruits. Taking 2,000 to 4,000 mg of potassium per day can help lower BP. The nutrient causes the kidneys to excrete more sodium in the urine. Other good sources include tomatoes, avocados, edamame, watermelon, and dried fruit.

5.Control Your Drink

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Drinking too much alcohol is known to increase blood pressure, but a small amount can have the opposite effect. In women, light to moderate alcohol consumption (one drink or less per day) is associated with a lower risk of high blood pressure. While excessive alcohol consumption is clearly harmful, moderate alcohol consumption is good for your heart. If you must drink, do so in moderation.

6.Dark Chocolate Or Candy

Dark Chocolate - healthy Algorithm

The candy is rich in flavanols, which relax blood vessels and increase blood flow, and studies show that regular consumption of dark chocolate can help lower BP . Chocolate shouldn’t be your primary blood pressure management strategy, but it’s a healthy option when you crave a sweet treat.

7. High Coffee Intake

Coffee Intake - Healthy Algorithm

According to studies, the caffeine in one or two cups of coffee increases systolic and diastolic blood pressure for up to three hours, constricts blood vessels and increases the effects of stress. When you’re stressed, your heart pumps much more blood, which raises your blood pressure. Caffeine enhances this effect. Decaf coffee tastes like regular coffee effect. Decaf coffee tastes like regular coffee

8.Quit Smoking

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The accumulation of fat on the walls of our arteries can be caused by smoking. This raises blood pressure and can clog our arteries, increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke. Reducing the risk of high BP is one of the many health benefits of quitting smoking.

9. Focus On Protein Diet
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For people with high BP, replacing refined carbohydrates (such as white flour and sweets) with foods rich in soy or milk protein (such as tofu and low-fat dairy products) can lower systolic blood pressure. Refined carbohydrates cause inflammation in some patients, which increases BP.

10.Relax Yourself With Music
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Some 29 adults already taking BP medication were asked to listen to relaxing classical, Celtic or Indian music for 30 minutes a day while breathing slowly. Their BP had dropped significantly when they were followed up six months later. Louder and faster music probably won’t help, but it doesn’t hurt to kick back with some ambient tunes.

11. Eat Fermented Food
Fermented food - healthy Algorithm

In the short term, consumption of fermented foods, particularly fermented milk supplements, has been associated with a small reduction in BP. Bacteria in these foods can produce chemicals that lower BP when they enter the bloodstream. Other fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut have not been studied as thoroughly, but are likely to be beneficial.

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Technology can make you sick, and using the phone has been shown to increase BP . He found that when men and women with mild to moderate hypertension talked on the phone, their BP increased from 120/75 to 130/81.

13.Have Proper Sleep
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If you don’t get enough sleep, your heart doesn’t get the rest it needs, which can affect your body’s ability to regulate stress hormones, leading to high blood pressure. BP can be improved by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day (including weekends), keeping your room cool and dark, and avoiding stressful activities just before bedtime.

14.Add Yogurt In Your Diet
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Yogurt is a beneficial bacteria that helps promote the release of certain proteins related to lowering BP. Because this dairy food contains a variety of micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which are involved in the Regulation of BP

15.Add Fruits And vegetables In Your Diet
Fruits And vegetables - healthy Algorithm

15 Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables may be the best way to supplement fiber intake due to their potential health benefits. Adding fiber to a person’s diet has a healthy effect on their blood pressure, as both systolic and diastolic blood pressure drop slightly.

Frequently Ask Questions
What is the reason behind high blood pressure?

Although the cause of high blood pressure remains unclear in most people, inactivity, poor diet, obesity, older age, and genetics can all contribute to the development of high blood pressure.

What Type of diet I should Eat if I have high blood pressure ?

Eating fruits Vegetables low calories diet, eating less of food that has high saturated fats, cholesterol, Eating less red meat and sweets.

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