Dengue Cases Are Rising In City Ludhiana . 9 More People Test Positive .

Dengue cases have doubled in less than 10 days in the town of Ludhiana. A large number of people have been hospitalized because of this, and the number of patients is also increasing.

Dengue Cases Are Rising In City Ludhiana
Dengue Cases Are Rising In City Ludhiana

Ludhiana City Witness Sudden Hike In Dengue cases As Per Report . Total 87 People Are Infected Till Today .

According to the latest report, 9 people tested positive for dengue, bringing the total to 87. As of Saturday, September 17, almost 77 cases had been reported, according to the report from the Ministry of Health. Previously, 38 cases of dengue had been reported as of September 8.

Officials compared this data and found that cases had increased 102.6% in just nine days.

Dengue Cases Are Rapidly Rising With Double Speed

According to reports, cases of dengue fever have doubled in the last three weeks. The real challenge is in the next 40 days, when the condition may peak.

Dengue Cases Are Rising In Ludhiana

According to the health department, 1,739 confirmed cases have been reported so far. Four people have succumbed to the vector-borne disease. By the end of August, 800 cases had been registered and two deaths had been reported.

According to official figures, the majority of dengue cases come from the urban areas of the district. Ludhiana city has reported the maximum number of cases and the rest are from Khanna and rural areas such as Manupur, Koom Kalan, Sahnewal and Samrala.

Precaution We Should Take

The city’s civil surgeon asked residents to clean their surroundings, remove standing water from all areas, or professionally disinfect soaked surfaces. The authorities have urged everyone to take all necessary precautions against vector-borne diseases.

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