International Yoga Day 2022 : Why Do We Celebrate Date ,Logo, Theme , Venue .

International Yoga Day celebrate on June 21 declared on June 21 By The UNGA following a proposal by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the two Sanskrit words ‘yuj’ and ‘yujir’, meaning ‘together’ or ‘uniting’ Yoga can have different meanings such as unity of soul, mind and body, unity of thoughts and actions, etcThere are countless benefits of practicing yoga, including mental stress relief, increased physical and muscular strength, maintenance of balance, improved endurance, and more.

International Yoga day 2022 : Its Origin & History

The origin of yoga dates back thousands of years before people had any concept of religion. According to the Vedas, Lord Shiva was the first yogi and passed on his knowledge of yoga to the “Seven Sages” (Saptarishis). Saptarishis are also believed to have traveled to different parts of the world to spread the knowledge of yoga.On September 27, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the concept of International Yoga Day to the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly). On December 11, 2014, the UNGA officially declared June 21 as “International Yoga Day”.

International Yoga Day 2022 Theme

International Yoga Day 2022 is celebrated under the slogan “Yoga for Humanity”. This theme was chosen to reflect the great role that yoga has played during the pandemic (COVID-19). During COVID-19, yoga not only helped people stay healthy, but also eased their suffering.

International Yoga day 2022 : Guide Quick Tricks And Tips

1.Perform yoga asanas slowly and gradually progress to advanced yoga postures and practices.

2. Stay well hydrated before doing yoga

3.For best results, start your yoga on an empty stomach

4.During yogasanas , the body should be able to move easily. Therefore, it is best to wear light and comfortable clothing.

5.At the end, perform relaxation techniques to calm down.

6. Practice regularly and with perseverance.

7. Yogasanas should be performed on a non-slip yoga mat

8. Avoid yoga if you feel uncomfortable

9.Do not practice yoga immediately after eating. Wait at least a few hours (2-3) after a heavy meal

International Yoga day 2022
International Yoga day 2022

How To Celebrate Yoga day 2022 : –

Celebrate International Yoga Day 2022 in the following ways, because every action counts –

1.Practice healthy yoga. Start with the simplest and eventually move on to the most advanced.

2.Visit a park or open space to do yoga. Also recommend the same to your friends

3.Get new yoga essentials like yoga mat, yoga tank, etc

4.Try and practice new yoga postures. Meditate and calm down with yoga

5.Teach yoga to your family, children and friends

6.Subscribe to online yoga YouTube channels for additional help

7.Consider joining a yoga studio if you find it difficult on your own

8.Join the yoga events on Yoga Day 2022

9.Find and attend yoga events online in 2022

10.Commit to practicing yoga every day

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