India becomes cautious as Health Ministry issues State/UT guidelines on Monkeypox: Important updates

The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday issued initial guidance on the monkeypox virus, which continues to spread in the United States, Europe and African countries. According to the guidelines, contacts should be monitored at least daily for the appearance of signs/symptoms for a period of 21 days (according to the case definition) from the last contact with a patient or their contaminated material during the period of ‘ infection’.

In terms of daily case counts, India saw a slight drop on Tuesday as 2,338 Covid-19 infections were recorded in the last 24 hours. In terms of daily corona deaths, the country recorded 19 deaths in one day.

While the national total remains well below the 3,000 mark, there has been an increase in some areas. Maharashtra and Kerala, which were the epicenters of Covid in the first and second waves, are seeing a steady rise in cases.

In terms of weekly tests, more infections are being reported in these two states. The situation in Mumbai has reached a critical stage as several private hospitals report Covid patients.

In fact, Aslam Shaikh, the Guardianship Minister of the city of Mumbai, also issued a warning, saying that if the graph of coronavirus cases continues to trend upwards, the state government may have to reintroduce Covid restrictions. . For five consecutive days, Mumbai has reported more than 300 cases of Covid-19.

The results of the three samples of suspected monkeypox infection are now available. The National Institute of Virology lab says all three samples tested negative and India remains free of monkeypox so far. The WHO says that as many as 23 countries around the world have reported this virus.

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