7 Effective Ways To Quit Smoking Cigarette & Weed

The prevalence of smoking in patients with lung cancer is almost 80%. Quit smoking is very Important Because it is Killing People Almost 480000 Every Year. Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and one of the leading causes of cancer-related death worldwide.

In India, lung cancer accounts for 5.9% of all cancers and 8.1% of all cancer-related deaths. The prevalence of smoking in patients with lung cancer is almost 80%.

Quit Smoking - Healthy Algorithm

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India is the second largest tobacco consumer and the third largest tobacco producer in the world. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (2016-2017), about 28.6% of the population in India use tobacco products (42.4% men and 14.2% women), which represents approximately 267 million tobacco users in the country.

Smoking Tobacco-related cancers account for 27% of all cancers in both sexes combined, according to the National Cancer Registry Program. The impact of smoking on health and especially on cancer in India is enormous.

Quit smoking not only requires changing your behavior and dealing with the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting nicotine, but you also need to find other ways to control your mood.

Quit Smoking - Healthy Algorithm

1.Prepration For Quit day

Once you’ve decided to quit smoking, you can set a quit date. Set a quit date so you have plenty of time to prepare. Try not to smoke that day, stay busy, drink more water and fluids, and avoid situations where you feel a strong urge to smoke.

2.Seek For Emotional Support

The emotional and physical addiction to nicotine makes it difficult to quit smoking after the cut-off date. Counseling services, self-help materials, and support services can help you through this difficult time. As your physical symptoms improve, so do your emotional symptoms. Community verified icon.

3.Try Relaxation Technique .

For many people, smoking is a way of coping with stress, and dealing with cravings can be stressful on its own. To cope, try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, massage, or listening to soothing music. These are the That May Help you to Quit Smoking .

4.Distract Yourself While having a Tobacco Craving

If you have an urge to smoke, try to distract yourself; If you feel like giving up, tell yourself that you have to wait 10 minutes first. So do something to divert your attention during this time when your brain is overworked. To satisfy tobacco cravings, you may be tempted to smoke just one cigarette a day. To resist tobacco cravings, chew sugar-free gum/candy or eat healthy, crunchy fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

5.Do Regular Exercise .

Take a walk, work out at the gym, and go for an early morning jog to help you. Even short bursts of activity, such as B. Running up the stairs several times, can help you quit smoking. If you don’t like to exercise every day, try meditation, sewing, art, journaling, etc.

6. Avoid Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol go hand in hand. Even if you only drink occasionally, exposing yourself to situations where you’re tempted to drink too soon after quitting can be dangerous. Be patient during this period. There may come a time when you can have a drink without feeling like smoking, but don’t expect that in the first month.

The number of smokers has generally decreased, but the majority of smokers are still people of low socioeconomic status, and fewer people have access to treatment centers. It has been shown that patients who use tobacco are less likely to receive any type of treatment for lung cancer, be it chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

Because there is an intersection between tobacco use, health disparities and inequities, and lung cancer treatment and survival, this issue requires more focus and attention to minimize inequities in lung cancer treatment access and outcomes. lung cancer.

It may be difficult at first to control this urge. As the body gets used to not using nicotine, withdrawal symptoms such as grunting, irritability, and headaches may occur for the first few days. However, once you stop smoking, you will see an improvement in your health. Not only will your lung function improve, but you’ll also notice a reduction in the amount of coughing and shortness of breath.


Smoking leads to a lack of a number of vital nutrients in our body. This can be replenished with supplements of vitamins A, C and E.

These also help control smoking withdrawal symptoms. Vitamin A is beneficial for repairing damaged mucus, while vitamin E repairs cells damaged by smoking. You can drink orange juice to supply the lack of vitamin C in the body.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Question 1 Is Smoking Safe ?

Answer- Smoking is never safe But there is no safe level of tobacco use. The best option is always to stop smoking. All tobacco contains nicotine and other toxic chemicals. Even if you don’t inhale the smoke, you are still absorbing harmful chemicals through the lining of your mouth.

Question 2 How Much Smoking Is Safe ?

Answer – There is no safe smoke level. Smoking 1 to 10 cigarettes a day increases the risk of developing cancer and other smoking-related diseases. Even smoking less than one cigarette a day is harmful. One study found that it significantly increases the risk of dying prematurely compared to people who have never smoked.

Question 3 Does Smoking Causes hair Loss ?

Answer – Smoking tobacco can potentially damage hair follicles and increase the risk of hair loss. A 2020 study compared the prevalence of early androgenetic alopecia in smoking and non-smoking men aged 20 to 35 years.

Question 4 Does Smoking Cigarette Affect Sperm ?

Answer – Studies show that smoking can damage the DNA of sperm. Some evidence shows that men with high sperm counts and damaged DNA may have reduced fertility and higher rates of miscarriage. Additionally, smoking is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED), which can complicate pregnancy.

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